Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Steampunk Hell - S.M. Peter's "Whitechapel Gods"

      There is nothing better than a book that totally captivates your attention.  As I read "Whitechapel Gods" I found myself reading at lunch, in line at the grocery store, and while talking on the phone with my mom.  Every available moment I spent consuming this story and I want to do it again.  It is Science Fiction, Horror, and 100% Steampunk Fantasy.  "Whitechapel Gods" was written in 2008 so I'm a little behind the curve, but if you haven't read it you should.
      Based in Victorian London, the story revolves around the district of Whitechapel where humanity has been enslaved for all intents and purposes, by two gods, Mama Engine and Grandfather Clock.  The underground resistance fights for the key to freedom from the entities that have made Whitechapel a true living hell.


      I really enjoyed this book and I hope that the next ones will be as great.  Suggestions are welcome!

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